Resume Builder

Resume Builder

Having a persuasive RESUME is your next investment in your career as an Adjuster. Our Resume Builders will:

  • Review and critique, custom design, edit and rewrite your resumes into powerful bullet point’s tailored to landing a position as an Adjuster.
  • Provide a clean, professional, and compatible formatting, in editable file.


NO GUARANTEE OF EMPLOYMENT OR FUTURE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES.  We do not claim or guarantee that by purchasing our services you will find a job.  Results are strictly dependent on the individual and the actions each individual takes in pursuit of employment.


Return / Cancellation Policy

You have the right to cancel your class registration. You must give 48 hour notice, from the start of the class regarding your intent to cancel the class. The cancellation should be by email ( The full enrollment fee, less a $25 processing fee will be refunded to you. You can also transfer your enrollment to a future class. Simply call or email and notify us that you would like to apply your enrollment fee to a future class.